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Thank You Notes Artists & Photographers

The traditional card houses will simply pay an artist to create a card and then make all the money from the sales. They take the risk and the artist gets paid but just the once.

Our model is about building community and sharing the success by paying a percentage of the turnover to the artists and photographers. This means it might take a few more months to get the equivalents fee for your work but then all additional sales will provide you with an income stream into the future, as long as our site and service is relevant to the public and they buy our thank you notes.

Our thinking at this time, which will change, is that we produce a couple of versions of your design in the form of a thank you card and a thank you postcard.

Customers can buy a mixed bag of products from us to make up their total purchase and you get 33% of the turnover figure based on the customers shopping cart. Since the postage of buying 1 card is much more expensive, the single unit fee reflects this.

Card Unit Pricing: 1 x £4.00, 10 x £3.00, 20 x £2.50, 50 x £2.00, 100 x £1.75

Postcard Unit Pricing: 1 x £3.00, 10 x £2.00, 20 x £1.50, 50 x £1.25, 100 x £1.00

All monies will be paid at the end of each month based on us receiving the funds from the various sales channels. We will share this information very openly & transparently with our artists & photographers.

The process of selection is driven by the community.

  • You submit a design, we add it to our website and social channels.
  • Initially we will select a dozen or so designs to get us started
  • Then, we imagine, it will be down to the community to choose which get published using “likes”
  • All cards and postcards will be printed on recycled, carbon neutral card
  • We’ll sell your designs until you tell us to stop

The contract between us is one of trust. We are nothing without the trust of our community so if you have had your fill of us, for whatever reason, we will not produce anymore stock and simply sell down what we have.

If you’d like to know more then please, complete the form below and we can start the process of getting to know each other… thank you.

The pic shows I’m a good egg 😉 Taken on a family trip to Australia a couple of years back!