Thank you notes field of daisies and buttercups

Thank You Notes

“Thank You” is a very powerful phrase, the words creating a very positive vibration that resonates with us, making us glow inside and feel good.

Saying thank you feels good, receiving thank you notes feels good and so I have come up with an idea which allows us to spread good cheer by saying thank you while helping artists & photographers to generate an income.

We will sell “Thank You” cards & postcards so you can send thank you notes to friends, family and other people you would like to say thank you to and in turn, we will say thank you to our artists and photographers by paying them 33% of any turnover from sales of their designs.

It can be tough for artists to make a living because they struggle to reach an audience that appreciates their work and many are not mentally equipped for the cut & thrust of doing business and dealing with the commercial side of things.

With years of online experience, helping businesses generate eyeballs, our roll is to be the link, be the machine that generates interest in our artists & photographers.

All of our Thank You notes are made from recycled, carbon neutral card.

We will be selling via this website, initially using PayPal or BACS and also via Etzy and other relevant channels. We are not cheap because our model is a community one, where all those involved earn a FAIR fee for their work. See our pricing here…

First task, we need some designs… so if you are an artists or photographer then say hello via the form below and we can get this party started 😉 If you know artists & photographers that might want to get involved, point them this way.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Jon Davey